Introducing: New Home Sachets

Introducing our very first line of beautiful Home Sachets!  With fragrances that are softly sophisticated, and artwork that is certain to please the eye, you’ll love these new additions to our line!

A labor of love … When the fragrances arrived for us to test, the studio smelled like a basket of flowers, herbs and fruit. The toughest part of the job was narrowing down our choices to just the few that would make it into the line.  We somehow managed to do that, and now you can choose from “Soft Cotton & Chamomile”,
“Sweet Figs & Clover”, “Champagne & Mango”, “Aloe & Basil Leaves”,
“Magnolia & Julep”, or “Honeysuckle & Currant.”

Place them in your drawers, closets, purses and cars … anywhere you need a breath of a beautiful fragrance and glimpse of beautiful designs.
We hope you enjoy the terrific blend of prints and color on our gorgeous range of new products for 2013.  Retailers can call us today at 1-866-407-7111, or email us for our 2013 catalog.  Customers can visit Parkside Papers to learn more about where to purchase.

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