Giveaway: Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink!

Here at Wooster & Prince, we love color, and we love surprise gifts! Who doesn’t? We also love giving gifts, and lucky for us, so does Lesli over at the blog Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink

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We are so grateful to Lesli for the extremely flattering review of our product line that she posted yesterday. Clearly, she’s got a stylish eye for product, and we’re proud to be included. It’s nice to see people enjoying the line, and noticing all the little details we work hard to include in our designs.  Thank you Lesli!

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And so, in the spirit of gift giving, we’re very excited announce that Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink will be hosting a product giveaway for the month of September. From now until September 25th, you can visit Lesli’s blog and enter to win a beautiful Wooster & Prince package. Visit Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink for more details, or see below. Just fill out a simple form to enter, but remember, it’s only open until September 25th.
We can’t wait to hear to wins, best of luck to all!

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