Backyard Party Pinwheels

With summer, barbecues, and the Fourth of July just over the horizon, it’s the perfect time for a homespun craft project to mark the season. Whether you’re prepping for a parade or looking for an unusual picnic centerpiece, pinwheels are an easy way to make it festive..

Of course, we like to mix things up here in the studio, so we varied from the traditional red, white & blue a bit with hints of cream, peach, and gold. Even so, there are few things that evoke summer nostalgia like these cute art-paper pinwheels.

This year, I will dot my driveway with our own parade of pinwheels.  It’s a lovely way to welcome guests to the party.  A cluster of pinwheels in a vase also makes a festive statement, as colorful as cut flowers but much longer-lasting.

With high quality paper in sophisticated patterns and beautiful embellishments like upholstery nails, a grouping of  pinwheels could even be an elegant center piece for an outdoor wedding.

These pinwheels are made using several pieces of Wooster & Prince art paper (“Quidnet Lattice”, “In Town”, and “Double Happiness”), a painted dowel, and a decorative upholstery nail. Just add spray glue and a few simple cuts and you’re ready to go. To download our pinwheel instructions and template, click here.

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