New W&P Accessories: Travel Manicure Sets

Whether you’re packing for travel to distant, exotic places, or simply throwing together a weekend bag, you’ll want to include our new and beautifully designed Travel Manicure Sets. Brightly colored clippers are nestled securely inside a patterned nail buffer, and both are just the right size for your toiletry bag.

Only Wooster & Prince can make such an everyday item look so darn lovely!  We believe even the most ordinary of tasks… like a random Wednesday night manicure…  should be experienced in a beautiful way.  Our new Manicure Sets are proof that it’s possible!

We hope you enjoy the terrific blend of prints and color on our gorgeous range of new products for 2013.  Retailers can call us today at 1-866-407-7111, or email us for our 2013 catalog.  Customers can visit Parkside Papers to learn more about where to purchase.

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