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When I began Wooster & Prince, my goal was simple: to pursue a long-held dream of leading a creative life. But giving in to the right side of the brain isn’t always so easy or obvious … especially when you’ve spent years on a biology degree and an MBA.

With some entrepreneurial determination and a strong belief that ignorance is not only bliss but an asset, I finally let loose years of pent-up creativity. The result was sketches and drawings for the first line of paper goods I introduced in 2003.

Seven years later, I can say that giving in to a passion and pursuing it without restraint unleashes a mighty amount of happiness.

And good thing. The sweat and tears and hours of work (did I mention tears?) add up quickly, but the satisfaction is beyond measure.

In this journey from North Carolina to New York City to Nantucket and now to a quiet town on the Hudson River, I’ve found incredible inspiration in the places I’ve lived and traveled. My love of architecture (and my unquenchable need to renovate every home I’ve ever lived in!) has greatly influenced the way I think about product design. And, as it turned out, having an MBA didn’t hurt when it came to bringing an idea to market.

The road to Creativity isn’t always a straight one but arriving at the destination is well worth the travel. With great help from my family and my friends and my partners, Wooster & Prince is a strong brand in the paper goods and gift industry … and I am immensely happy with this creative life.

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To read more about my design work, inspiration and the studio, click here to visit my blog.

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